26 award winning episodes and Graphic Novels

Episodes Season 1

How Raven Stole the Sun

Join Raven, Eagle, and Frog in a land before time! Together they will learn the secret that will release light and life into the world, a secret that might just burn a few feathers as well! The first award winning episode of the series. Available in English, Cree, French and Hindi.

Raven and the First People

Raven, Frog, and Eagle discover the first humans in a giant clamshell washed up on the beach. Can Raven teach these 'people' how to survive in this new world before they drive him crazy in the process? Available in English, Cree, French and Hindi.

The Sea-Wolf

Gwai is having a hard time keeping up with the others when it comes to gathering and hunting food. Gwai asks the Sea-Wolf to help. But when one end of the fishing bargain is not upheld, a lesson is learned that is far more valuable than any hunting advice. Available in English, Cree, French and Hindi.

Child of Tears

Qos and Igis are unable to have a child, so Frog (Carmen Moore, Wolf Lake, Godiva's) tells Igis to visit Dzunakwa, an old witch who lives deep in the forest. Dzunakwa helps bring a new boy to life, and little Klundux is born! But will the children of the village accept this little child made of tears? Available in English, Cree, French and Hindi.

Howl at the Moon

The people of the village have been kept awake from the howling of the wolves, so they decide  to flush them out and burn their dens. During the hunt, Wina becomes separated from the others in a sudden storm but he is rescued by a pair of mysterious strangers who nurse him back to health. After the storm, he reappears in the village and tells the stunned villagers about his new friends. Available in English, Cree, French and Hindi.

Love and War

Qos asks Raven (Dr. Evan Adams, Smoke Signals) to help him win the heart of Igis, a young woman who is too vain to love anyone but herself. Raven and Qos build a snow man. With a puff of his breath, Raven brings the snowman to life and names him Moowis.  Qos is shocked when Igis falls in love with Moowis instead of him! Available in English, Cree, French and Hindi.

Episodes Season 2

Gone Fishing

The First People have built a totem to honor Eagle (Ian Reid) for his fishing skills, but Raven (Dr. Evan Adams) becomes jealous when his attempts to help the People cause nothing but problems. When Frog (Carmen Moore) suggests that Raven should play to his strengths as a trickster, a plan is hatched that will surprise the whole village!

Raven and the Coyote

In this episode, Frog's old friend Mother Toad comes to visit. As the two story- tellers swap tales, Raven overhears the story of another trickster, Coyote, who lives near Mother Toad's home far to the south. Determined to prove that he is the greatest of all tricksters, Raven heads down to meet Coyote and trick him by teaching him to fly. But Coyote is a trickster too, and Raven soon learns that all is not as it seems...

Bald Eagle

n this episode, Eagle (Ian Reid) tells the children a story of the creation time when he and Raven (Dr. Evan Adams, Smoke Signals) are still young and the world is new. One day, the Great Spirit comes to visit and asks the brothers to fly him over the world he has created. According to Eagle, the Great Spirit rewards his service with a crown of white feathers on his head, but Raven remembers a different story and tells the children what really happened...

Starlight, Starbright

In this episode, the children are sitting outside staring at the stars, wondering aloud how they came to take the shapes that they make in the sky. Overhearing them, Eagle comes over and tells them the story about how the old man and his daughter, who lost the light of the sun to Raven so long ago, were the victims of another trickster, Coyote.

Rough Face Girl

Some of the boys of the First People are making fun of Dza because she is a girl. When she shows them that she can compete, even beating her brother Winadzi at wrestling, they call her names. Walking alone by herself in the forest, she comes upon the mysterious Frog, who tells her the story of Rough Face, a young girl who showed the people of her village that true beauty lies within. 

Great Bear Rock

The children are playing games in the forest, and Winadzi is being a poor sport. Showing off, he winds up trapped on a high ledge, but he's too proud to ask for help. Join Raven, Eagle and Frog and their new friends the first people in the land before time. 

Episodes Season 3

Spiders and Dreams

Dza is having nightmares that leave her scared and confused, especially when a giant spider shows up. To help keep her from being frightened, Wina decides to watch over her as she sleeps, but he, too, falls asleep and enters the dream world. There, he meets Spider and receives from her a gift of knowledge that allows him to protect Dza and the other children from the evil spirits in their dreams.

Raven Gets Sick

n this episode, the First People get sick for the first time, and the village echoes with sniffles and sneezes. Frog arrives and tells them the story of why sickness first came: the animals complained to the Great Spirit that people had too many advantages, so they convinced the Great Spirit to inflict their aches and pains upon the First People every year. But, Frog says, there will be cures to be found if the people know where to look...

Dog Days

The children go sailing but are soon lost at sea. They crash on a deserted island and fear they will never get home. When the children find a huge set of footprints, they become scared, but the footprints belong to friendly Dog, and he takes them to meet a giant who is oddly familiar and helps them get home. 

A Day in the Life

As the villagers work hard at their chores, Raven works equally hard avoiding them. After escaping to the forest, he finds himself in the middle of a dispute over a giant salmon. With the help of the Great Spirit, Frog, and the animals, Raven learns that everyone has a place in the village.

The Games

The men awake on a strange shore after being blown out to sea, they find a village of people much like themselves, complete with their own raven, eagle, and frog! Raven Tales chronicles the wild and wacky adventures of Raven, the most powerful and trickiest trouble-maker of First Nations' folklore. 


 In this episode, Wina, Gwai, and Qos are caught in a storm while fishing. When they awaken on a strange shore, they find themselves in the clutches of Bukwas, a mysterious wild man who lives by the sea. After the men do not return from fishing, the women go to Dzunukwa to ask for help, and they find out that Bukwas has stolen the men's souls! 

Episodes Season 4

The Return of Kulos

S'gaana the whale won't allow the villagers to fish. Faced with starvation, Wina decides to fight back. After a disastrous attempt at catching S'gaana, Wina finds inspiration in a series of visions he has of the great Kulos. Using the power of Kulos, he forces the whale into respecting the villagers and sharing the ocean.

Change and Butterflies

The Great Spirit tells the children a time of change is coming and asks if they would like to grow up and have children of their own. He gives them a gift to teach them about change, growth, and responsibility: four small cocoons. He tells the children that their gifts will be revealed if they can keep them safe for a full year. 

Musicians of the Sun

It is winter in the village, and the snow has trapped the people inside. Frog comes to relieve the tension and tells the story of when the Great Spirit sent Raven to free the Musicians of the Sun to bring light and music into the world. Afterward, the first people are inspired to create instruments of their own and make music to banish the cold and darkness.

The Flood

The First People return to their village, which has been destroyed by the great flood. They struggle to work, but days go by but they make little progress by themselves. After many days they are exhausted and hungry with much still to be done. Frog reminds them that they have many friends, they just need to call on them. Q'os calls to Kulos, who helps them to rebuild their homes.

Dream, Dream, Dream

Gwayum is worried because her son is always daydreaming. Frog advises her not to worry, telling her the story of how the Great Spirit dreamed the world into existence. Raven Tales chronicles the wild and wacky adventures of Raven, the most powerful and trickiest trouble-maker of First Nations' folklore. 

The Gathering

In this episode from the animated television series Raven Tales, the animal people help the First People rebuild their village after a great flood. To show their gratitude, the First People celebrate the first potlatch by giving gifts of food to the animals.